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FALL BREAK is on Friday, October 20 and Monday, October 23!! Enjoy your time off!!


Middle School Students-Please start bringing your BOX TOPS for EDUCATION to your homeroom teacher throughout the month of October. There is a contest to see which grade can bring the MOST box tops to earn a party!!!


7th Grade students in my READING classes should be reading in their library books daily.  The requirements for my 7th Grade Middle School Reading class will be:

   25 points each nine-weeks=100 total points for the year

These are just the minimum requirements, so it is my hope that you will go above and beyond these. READ TO ACHIEVE!!!!!

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Happy Fall Y’all!!


Concepts for the week of October 23-27, 2017


7th Grade Reading-This week’s reading selections are “A DAY’S WAIT” by: Ernest Hemingway and “STOLEN DAY” by: Sherwood Anderson. Literary skills this week will be to analyze character traits, compare and contrast characters from different historical eras, character motives, and a review of ALLUSION. 

7th Grade Language Arts-Students will review Double Negatives, Subject-Verb Agreement, Prepositional Phrases, Chapter 4 Vocabulary, and Pattern 1 Sentences. Part A and Part B Chapter 4 Tests will be on Friday.

6th Grade Language Arts-We will start Chapter 4. Along with continuing to study prepositional phrases, we will learn about PRONOUNS (i.e., subject pronouns, possessive pronouns, and understood subject pronouns.) Students will recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and person.