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5th Grade Reading Counts

snoopy reading books Reading Counts!

Congratulations to all 5th grade students who met the 3rd   Qtr. Reading Counts Goal! Very proud of you!!  If you did not reach the 3rd   Qtr. goal yet, keep reading and testing, you CAN do this!

For the Reading Counts guidelines please go to this site:             


+ 4th Qtr(70,200) =  280,800 minimum total “Words read” due 5/1/20!!

In Fifth Grade, reading truly counts!  You are expected to earn 70,200 “Words Read” each quarter, for a minimum total of 280,800 “Words Read" this year!    Your  number of “Words Read" earned will be used as a grade for Reading each quarter!  Try to be consistant, reading every day, and not waiting until the last minute to try to have enough “Words Read" for each quarter!

Your Reading level, unless I tell you otherwise personally, is 4.5 and up!


snoopy reading books 

Our Points timeline and required quarterly “Words Read” totals are listed below:

              1st Qtr.: 70,200   2nd Qtr.: 70,200  3rd Qtr.: 70,200  4th Qtr.: 70,200      

  Your minimum“Words Read”  totals for the end of each quarter are follows:   

 **1st Qtr: 70,200      2nd Qtr: 140,400    3rd Qtr: 210,600    4th Qtr: 280,800 **        


snoopy reading books