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Educational Websites

This link will direct you to a 20 differenent sites where you can locate youtube lessons, text lessons and prep materials for Sociology.  I strongly suggest using this to help advance your understanding of Sociology.

I often have students or their parents ask about where they can go to get extra help or prepare for assessments in the classes that I teach.  Recently I found this website that can be used for any subject and even specific concepts that we have studied.  It is free to visit or you can create your own free account and store your searches.  The site will take your concept or subject and create a quiz with matching, fill in the blank and multiple choice question.   All of my students have been made aware of this site and even informed that I often use this site as a resource for creating quiz questions.  It is in my opinion. an excellent resource for students and parents to assess knowledge and prepare for a formal assessment/test/quiz. 

This is an excellent site for resources, student competitions, and individual learning grant opportunities.  It is the source of Teacher Professional Development and Student Economic Academic Achievement which promotes the economic and financial literacy in Oklahoma.  It operates under the direction of the Oklahoma Council on Econommic Education (Executive Director - Amy Lee)

This site has free membership which may be required to login and access all features.  There are video clips, games, factoids, primary sources, articles and the popular series; "America, the Story of Us".  I often use this as a supplemental to teaching.  This is also part of the History Channel which can be seen on television.