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Daily Schedule


 Daily Schedule   2021-2022    Pre-K 3 Classroom    

       Mrs. Brenda                      Mrs. DeAnn 


7:30-8:00: Breakfast and Gym

8:00-8:15: Table Activities

8:15-8:30: Flag salute, and good morning song    

8:30-8:45: bathroom/wash hands; music and movement          

8:45-9:00: Morning recess

9:00-9:10: letter, color, shapes, and number songs on smart board

9:10-9:45: small group activities

9:45-10:00:   bathroom/wash hands

10:00-10:20: Lunch

10:20-10:50: lunch recess

10:50-11:10: bathroom/wash hands and read story

11:10-11:20: Big day activities

11:20-11:35: Music and movement

11:35-12:00: wash hands/bathrooms, smartboard stories

12:00-12:25: music and movement

12:25-2:30: rest time and planning time

2:30-2:40: bathrooms and wash hands

2:40-3:00: Snacks

3:00-3:10: Prepare to go home

3:010Take students to buses and Parents



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