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Shylan Milligan

Ms Milligan’s Science Classes

Forensic Science    Chemistry

8th Grade Science   Physical Science

Happy Spring!




My email is or call the school @ (580) 658 – 5070.  


Meet the Teacher Slide Show 


Syllabus for Ms. Milligan’s Science Classes

Needed Materials

Folder with pocket and brads

Notebook paper and/or notebooks

Pencils and/or blue/black ink pens

Optional:  highlighters, colored pencils, crayons


We will be utilizing Google Classroom so make sure you sign up!


Course of Study and Topics

8th Grade Science

Motion and Energy, Exploring Earth, Earth and Geologic Processes which includes everything from chemistry to life sciences to the environment and our impact upon it.

Forensic Science

We will be learning basic crime scene investigation, sampling techniques, and making a mock crime scene.

Physical Science

Motion and Forces. Energy, Waves, Matter, Reactions, and Basic Chemistry which includes Newton’s Laws, all types of energy and waves, balancing equations and reactions and bonds that result.


Matter and Its Interactions, Motion and Stability, Forces and Interactions, Energy, and Waves and How They Apply to Our Lives.

Contact information if you have questions or or (580) 658 – 5071

Basic Information

Bring all needed supplies daily!

  1. Enter classroom quietly, go to seat and begin working on bell work.
  2. Remain seated unless you have permission and do not leave without permission (unless an emergency).
  3. Leave backpacks and bags in your lockers.
  4. Phones are to remain in pockets, I – watches are not to be played with.  Phones/watches will be turned in during tests and given back at the end of class.
  5. Do not talk unless given permission.  We will have plenty of class discussions and interaction.
  6. After 3 times of not being prepared, students will receive 15 minutes of lunch detention.  Each time after that will be 30 minutes.  After 6 times, it will be an office referral.  This is cumulative.
  7. Be nice!  If it isn’t nice or appropriate, don’t say it!
  8. Keep hands, feet, books, and other objects to yourself.  Do not borrow someone else’s stuff without their permission.



  1.  Verbal warning
  2. 15 minute lunch detention
  3. 30 minute lunch detention
  4. 2 – 30 minute lunch detentions, office referral
  5. Severe clause – automatic office referral




Shylan Milligan

Contact information

(580) 658 – 5070

Planning period – 7th period = 1:45 to 2:35