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Daily Schedule

                                              bookworm with book                                           Mrs. Jackson’s  DAILY SCHEDULE:

8:05 - 8:55  5th Grade Reading(Middle School)


9:00 -  9:45  5th Grade Language(Middle School)


10:05 -  10:40  Kindergarten Reading


10:40-11:40  Lunch; Prep. & Planning


11:45  -  12:20  1st Grade Reading


12:25  -  1:00  2nd Grade Reading


1:05  -  1:50  3rd  Grade Reading


1:50  –  2:30  RSA & Planning


2:30  -  3:15  5th Grade Reading Resource & Remediation


 3:15     Dismiss students to buses






Thorma Jackson - November 2019

5th Grade 2nd Qtr. RC 140,400

Thorma Jackson

Annual Canned Food Drive!

smiley face with hands

Please remember we are doing our Annual Canned Food Drive from November 13th through December 11th! We appreciate canned food items and non-perishable items, but ask that you please not send items with expired use dates!  Thank you for your cooperation and consideration, this is a huge help to families in need, in our local community!

Fifth Grade Reading Counts Program

snoopy reading a bookFifth Grade: 2nd  Quarter  RC “Words Read: Total of 140,400 Words Read due 12/18/ 19!  DO NOT wait until the last minute to get your 140,400 Words Read, this often ends in disaster! Read on, 5th Graders, you can do this!

Quick reminder: Your Reading Counts word quota must be met each quarter in order to maintain eligibility for sports and extra curricular activities!!