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      Welcome back to school!  Our library has been experiencing a few changes this year.  The fiction and nonfiction books in grades 1-3 are now organized by reading level as well as by categories such as comedy and mystery or science and biography.   We hope this re-organization will make the library even more user friendly.  The library also features separate areas for graphic novels in each section.


      Please bring your Box Tops.  They really help us to supplement our library purchases.  Our Spring Box Tops contest is in February, and our goal is $300.

  Suggestions for gathering Box Tops:

  • encourage family members to collect for you
  • encourage friends to save Box Tops for you
  • if you belong to any organizations, have their members save for you
  • begin a church-wide drive to collect Box Tops and divide them among Bray-Doyle students who attend that church
  • check the stacks of kleenex boxes and zip lock bag boxes in your classroom for Box Tops!
  • check your binders and clothing purchases for box tops.  Many binders have box tops on the spine.
  • check the website for contests and opportunities to win box tops for our school


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