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Mrs. Rochell's Daily Schedule



Mrs. Rochell’s Daily Schedule




8:05-8:55           6-2 Language Arts

9:00-9:45          6-1 Language Arts

9:50-10:35        7th Grade Language Arts

10:40-11:30       7th Grade Reading

11:30-12:00     LUNCH

12:05-12:50     PLANNING

12:55-1:40       6-1 Reading

1:45-2:30        6-2 Reading

2:35-3:20   6-2 Test Prep.











Cynthia Rochell

Reading Reminder:

library booksThis year, instead of earning points for READING COUNTS, students will count the number of words read in each book. The following are recommendations set by the OSDE. Sixth grade students have a yearly reading goal of 300,000 words (73,440 words EACH  nine-weeks.) Seventh grade students have a yearly reading goal of 325,000 words (75,600 words EACH  nine-weeks.) As a reminder, these points are required to maintain eligibility for sports and other extracurricular activities. READ TO ACHIEVE!!!!!


Cynthia Rochell

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12:05-12:50 daily or before/after school