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College Visit Days


College Visits During the School Day:

  • Seniors have two days available to visit colleges.
  • The student is responsible for setting up the college visit. You may stop by my office for contact information of the college recruiter. 
  • When you return to school, you must provide Mrs. Smith and/or Mrs. Monica with a proof of the visit. The college recruitment office will provide you with this form. If they do not give you the form, please be sure to ask for it.


Other Information:

  • Many colleges/universities have events on Saturdays. Be sure to check out the College Preview Days link for upcoming events.
  • College representatives will visit Bray-Doyle High School from time to time. Students will be given information on those visits as they become available. 

Mary Chambers

Upcoming Events

Contact Mary Chambers

School Phone:
580-658-5071, ext. 3
Conference Time:
Please call to schedule a time.